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Posted: 29 Apr 2008 02:40 PM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
Most of our stories today have to do with the elimination of many AQI, and criminals, and the discovery of many weapon caches.  Highlighted is the story of a new weapon called the Excalibur that’s guided by GPS!  Toby Keith has been so good to our troops, that I’m happy to promote him.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

April 29, 2008

AWT, MND-B tank crew kill seven criminals

BAGHDAD – An AWT and an M1A2 Abrams Tank crew killed 7 criminals in the Sadr City district of Baghdad, April 28, coming under attack by criminals using small-arms fire.
An MND-B AWT and an MND-B M1A2 Abrams tank engaged the enemy forces, with the AWT team firing a hellfire missile and killing 4 of the criminals, and the tank crew firing a main round and killing 3 criminals.


Local citizens fend off AQI attack

TIKRIT – Local citizens in the Diyala Province fended off an attack from AQI terrorists, April 28.  CF received info from local leaders that citizens and local SoI fought against an enemy attack and killed 12 AQI terrorists.


MND-B Soldiers detain key criminal in southern Rashid District

FOB FALCON – MND – Baghdad Soldiers seized munitions, and detained a criminal from Iraq’s most-wanted list in Baghdad’s Rashid district, April 27.
Soldiers from Troop C, 7th Sqdrn, 10th Cav Regt, 1st BCT, 4th ID, found a rocket launcher and rocket rigged with command detonation wire during a patrol in the Zubaida community.
Also in the Zubaida community, Soldiers from Co E, 2nd Sqdrn, 2nd Stryker Cav Regt, attached to the 1st BCT, 4th ID, detained a criminal from Iraq’s most-wanted list and questioned 2 others.


‘On-Time’ fires its first Excalibur round


Staff Sgt. Edisson Vargas, and Sgt. Ontario Smith, inspect artillery round components  prior to firing an Excalibur round on Camp Taji, northwest of Baghdad, April 26. The Excalibur fired was the first round of this type fired by 2nd SBCT while deployed in support of Op Iraqi Freedom.  Both Soldiers are assigned to Btry A, 2nd Bn 11th FAR “On-Time,” 2nd Stryker BCT “Warrior,” 25th ID.


Staff Sgt. Edisson Vargas prepares his soldiers to fire an Excalibur round.  The Excalibur is a specialized round guided by GPS.Joanna12

Pfc. Nolan Laughlin (left), and Spc. Timothy Blair carry an Excalibur round to the M777 howitzer in preparation for firing.Joanna13

Pfc. Nolan Laughlin removes the rotating band protector from an Excalibur round.Joanna14

Pfc. Nolan Laughlin, and Spc. Timothy Blair load an Excalibur round into an M777.Joanna15

An Excalibur explodes out of am M777 howitzer.-30-

ISF detain 2 suspected weapons smugglers, kill 3 Special Groups criminals in separate ops

BAGHDAD – April 25 – 26, in the Jazeera Desert, Iraqi SOF conducted an op to disrupt insurgent activities and illegal smuggling in the area.  During the op, 2 suspected weapons smugglers were detained.  During questioning, the wife of one of the suspects told ISOF that her husband conducts attacks against U.S. forces.
In Hussayniya, 37th IA Recon soldiers killed 3 Special Groups criminals during an op to prevent Special Groups violence in the area.  During the op, IA soldiers came under small arms fire multiple times and returned fire, killing 3 armed individuals.


IA soldiers detain 6 suspected insurgents

BAGHDAD – Iraqi Soldiers advised by U.S. SF, detained 6 suspected insurgents in Bulayj, April 27.
The IA soldiers conducted an op to disrupt insurgent networks operating in the area. Six suspected insurgents, who are reported to have openly threatened the local populace during an insurgent show of force “parade” in Bulayj, were detained. One of the detained suspects is believed to have organized the parade.


IA and MND-B Soldiers kill 22 enemy repelling attack against ISF checkpoint in northeast Baghdad

BAGHDAD –  IA Soldiers and Soldiers from 1st Bn, 64th Armor Regt, 3rd ID, attached to 3rd BCT, 4th ID, were attacked by a large group of criminals engaging with small-arms fire while manning a security checkpoint.
U.S. Soldiers used 120 mm fire from M1A12 Abrams tanks and small-arms fire to kill the 22 criminals, forcing remaining enemy forces present to retreat.  The criminals’ small-arms fire was ineffective and there were no U.S. Soldier or ISF casualties in the attack.


MND-B Soldiers kill 16 criminals in separate engagements

BAGHDAD –  April 27,  at approx. 8:30 a.m. an AWT killed a criminal in northeastern Baghdad after he attacked Soldiers from 3rd BCT, 4th ID, with small-arms fire.
Soldiers from 1st Bn, 68th AR, 3rd BCT, 4th ID, killed one evildoer at approx. 10:50 a.m. in northeastern Baghdad after he attacked their checkpoint with small-arms fire.
At approx. 12:40 p.m., Soldiers from 1-68 AR returned fire and killed 2 criminals after they fired RPGs at them in northeastern Baghdad.  At approx. the same time, Soldiers from 1-68 AR engaged and killed 2 additional criminals after they were attacked by RPGs in  northeastern Baghdad.
Soldiers from 1-68 AR killed 1 criminal after being attacked with RPGs. At approx. 3:15 p.m., a group of criminals attacked a COP with small-arms fire in eastern Baghdad. Soldiers from 4th BCT, 10th Mtn Div, returned fire and killed 2 of the criminals.
At approx. 6 p.m., Soldiers from 1-68 AR were attacked with small-arms fire and RPGs in northeastern Baghdad while conducting a dismounted patrol. Soldiers providing a cordon engaged the criminals with 120 mm tank rounds and machine gun fire from an M1A2 Abrams tank killing 7 of the attackers.


Tips lead to separate cache finds

BAGHDAD – Separate tips led MND-Center Soldiers to weapons caches in Mahmudiyah, about 20 miles south of Baghdad, and near Patrol Base Warrior’s Keep, April 26.
A citizen arrived at PB Warrior’s Keep and led Soldiers from Co D, 1st Bn, 187th Inf Regt, 3rd BCT, 101st Abn Div (Air Assault) to a cache in a field, consisting of 6 mortar rounds of different types and a bag of ball bearings; all of which could have been used to make IEDs.
Soldiers from Co A, 3rd Bn, 320th FA, uncovered a stash in a house west of the Qaqa Apartments in Mahmudiyah, containing 6 mortars of different types, a 107 mm rocket, a 57 mm projectile, ball bearings and an IED that consisted of blocks of TNT, as well as other components.


Iraqi Army finds munitions cache

BAGHDAD – IA soldiers discovered a large cache containing mortars, rockets and IED-making materials northwest of Yusufiyah, April 26.
The cache contained 87 60 mm mortars, 8 155 mm rounds, and 8 Katusha rockets with a Katusha rocket launcher, 16 handmade IEDs, 7 artillery fuses, a 60 mm tube, 8 feet of detonation cord and 2 bags of homemade explosives.


Country music star shines on troops

By Pfc. Christopher M. Gaylord
13th MPAD

BAGHDAD – Country music star Toby Keith visited and performed for troops on Victory Base Complex April 25 and 26 as part of his 6th USO tour.  Keith is spending his time meeting with and playing for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen across Iraq and Afghanistan.
One thing brought the famous musician here, and that was his vast patriotism, and sincere support for servicemembers and the difficult job they do while deployed, which is evident in his music and performances for military members.
“I just want [the troops] to have a good time, and I want to know when we leave that we brought some sense of home to them, and for a little while maybe it’ll lighten their world up and they’ll remember what they’re fighting for,” Keith said.  “My father was a Soldier and he set an example, so this is more of a tribute to him than it is to me that I came over here. He taught us when we were kids to respect veterans and the people who serve our country.”
“It’s a tough war to fight,” Keith said. “It’s not very conventional, and it’s hard to figure out who the enemy is, and these guys get out on the streets and do a hell of job.  I’m amazed.”
“His songs are an inspiration to all the troops over here,” said Capt. Nicole Van Benken, 62nd Medical Brigade.  “It makes you motivated to do your job because you feel like you’re over here for a purpose. It’s great to know that people support you.” “[Service members] are the never-ending battle for freedom,” Keith said.


Fans welcome country music star Toby Keith to the Liberty Post Exchange stage at Camp Liberty.Joanna17

Toby Keith-30-

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