“Peace” Thugs Assault Iraq Veteran and Family Part II

In my earlier report I recounted the events in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, where an Iraq War Veteran and his family were assaulted by ‘Peace’ thugs intent on infringing their constitutional rights.

The shocking video is now available here.

The first part records the efforts to interfere with the filming of a public display at a public protest in a public venue. During this portion two adult females are continuosly in the face of the 15 year old holding the video camera. Pay particular attention to the woman in white as she will play a central role in everything that ensues. Notice her footwear.

The Iraq War Veteran and his wife have crossed the street and are now supporting their son and his efforts to video the display the protesters had placed in the public park.

In the background at times are two sociology professors from Edinboro University. At one point one of the professors appears to be encouraging the women interfering with the filming.

Also visible in the background is a heavy woman in a black T-shirt and blue jeans who is also making a video of the events. That woman is part of the demonstration so presumably it is only the young man’s video that is objectionable. Keep that other video in mind because it becomes important later.

A man in a wheelchair comes forward and begins taunting the veteran. The veteran steps away from the wheelchair and places his sign on the ground leaning against his leg as he holds his flag.

The veterans sign is actually placed where it is not visible from the street. There is another American flag being held by one of the professors, so the presence of his flag does not interfere with their protest either.

Now the woman in white, who has been continuously badgering the Veteran’s son, uses the guise of moving a blue tupperware bin in front of his sign to mask her intent to grab it.
Grab it she does and throws it into the street. When the veteran goes to retrieve it she stands on top of the sign and taunts him to strike her.

She has now stolen his property and incited riot.

The veteran pulls his sign from beneath the woman’s boots while his wife comes over to interject her body between him and the woman.

The veteran walks back toward the sidewalk while a second woman, in a green shirt, comes charging up to the veterans wife and strikes her with the red sign she is carrying. The veteran’s wife moves her arm in a protective motion to fend off the sign and fend off this new woman.

The sign then strikes the woman in white.

At this point both women pile on the veteran’s wife punching and kicking. The wife, wearing an inflatable cast due to a leg injury, is caught off balance and falls to the ground. The veteran seeing what is happening spins around and grabs the woman in green to restrain her. In the meantime the woman in white continues to punch and kick the wife on the ground.

Several male protesters grab the veteran and push him to the ground. Punches are reported to have been thrown by these protesters although they are not recorded on this video. The video stops for a minute while the son pulls the woman in white off his mother. The video resumes in time to catch a last kick the woman in white makes to the head of the veteran’s wife. This is one of the blows that caused the concussion the wife suffered.

The camera pans around and the veteran can be seen on the ground, still restraining the woman in green, while the male protester in yellow is gripping both sides of the collar of his shirt from behind in the manner of a garrot around his neck. His hat and glasses are gone. The glasses were smashed in the street.

The woman in white then approaches the veteran as he releases the woman in green and appears to launch an attack against him while he is restrained. She then wheels around and assaults the son, who is still videotaping, in a graphic exhibition of the violence endemic to ‘peace’ thugs. This recorded assault on a juvenile should have produced an immediate arrest by the police officers reviewing the video, yet they did nothing.

The video ends with the parting remark of the woman in white “You got what you wanted you f_cks!”

It seems to me after reviewing the video that it was she who got exactly what she wanted. She was aggressive throughout the episode, she instigated the violence, she taunted and baited the veteran to try to incite violence, she assaulted the wife when the wife had not touched her, she kicked and beat a woman who was helpless in the street, she assaulted a juvenile. What else can she have wanted?

Oh, wait, yes, she wanted to express how she supports our troops! So, when the police called her over to the other side of the street where the veteran was sitting on the curb with his injured wife, she spit on him!

Yeah, that’s the ticket! That’s the kind of support the left showed to our Vietnam Veterans and exactly what they are showing to our next generation of veterans today.


The two policemen arrived on the scene after the open hostilities had ended. One of the officers arrived with an attitude and that attitude did not improve throughout the time he was there or later at the police station. He allowed the protesters to taunt the veteran in his presence unhindered and then threatened to arrest the veteran when he responded verbally to the taunts. When the woman in white was called across the street by the police, and she took the opportunity to spit on the veteran, he did not threaten to arrest her. When he reviewed the video from the veteran’s son’s camera he decided that no one was going to be arrested even when it was pointed out to him that the lady in white had blatantly attacked a juvenile. Later in the police station this officer again displayed outright hostility to the veteran and threatened to handcuff him for inquiring why the woman wasn’t arrested for the assault on his son.

The favorable treatment given to this woman begs the question. Who is she and what is her relationship to the police officers or any public person in the Borough of Edinboro?

Updated: 4/26/2008. The woman in white has been identified as a student at Edinboro University. Someone there had this to say about her:
….is an intelligent and vibrant student activist. She is passionate about human rights issues and the environmental issues!


Now to the woman in black with the video-camera recording the event for the ‘peace’ protesters. It was pointed out to the police officers that the woman had recorded the entire event. Yet her camera was not impounded so that her video could be reviewed. In two photographs she can be plainly seen still holding her camera while standing next to the cop with the attitude, and then again in the background of the more reasonable officer while he talks with the guy in the wheelchair. Why was her camera not impounded? From her different vantage point it is assured that the video she took captured aspects of the action that were not captured on the video taken by the veteran’s son. Her video probably continued to run during the period when the son’s video is interrupted while the son is pulling the lady in white off his mother. To me, it would seem imperative in any thorough investigation that all sources of evidence be reviewed to determine the actual circumstances leading up to the assault, yet the police did nothing to secure that vital piece of evidence. There is a principle of jurisprudence in this country referred to as “equal protection under the law” from what I have seen, heard and read of this incident that principle was the first casualty in Edinboro.

Updated 4/26/2008. The second video has been secured by the Edinboro Police. It was played for the veteran’s wife and shows many details missing from the original tape and the action which took place while the first video camera was turned off. It appears to corroborate the accounts written about here.


Updated 4/29/2008

Harassment charges are being filed against the Iraq Veteran and his wife and no charges are being filed against the thugs who assaulted them. How can the District Attorney justify this travesty of justice?

A local news broadcast can be seen here.

John Lilyea writes an excellent posting on how the failure of police to stem the unruly behavior of protesters in the Vietnam era eventually led to citizens having to enforce the boundaries of civil behavior themselves, not a pretty sight. Read the whole thing here.

Update 4/30

It turns out that charges ARE being filed against two of the ‘peace’ thugs.

  1. rochester_veteran

    Thanks again Dan, for the heads up on Carrie being on The O’Reilly Factor last evening!

    Great report on the incident! Why the Edinboro DA is charging Jason and Carrie, especially after reviewing the video, is a mystery to me, but it seems to be politically motivated! I didn’t realize the Edinboro, PA is the Berkeley of the east! Bill O’Reilly advised Carrie to get a good lawyer because he got the feeling that the Edinboro DA and police are going to rail-road the Swartouts. This was a GOE action, am I correct? Does the GOE have a legal defense fund in case something like this happens? If not, I’m wondering if the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) might be willing to help them out:



  1. 1 “Peace Thugs”

    […] original account of the story is here. This case went to court today, and the thugs were given slaps on the wrist…with Carrie […]

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