Democrat National Committee Allies with Terrorists

In a move that even the deranged left leaning media have generally avoided until now, the Howard Dean run Democratic National Committee has included in its new advertising campaign against our troops and their mission a segment of a jihadi ‘snuff’ film which portrays two American soldiers being blown up by an improvised explosive device.

Mainstream media practicing their last vestiges of decency and common sense have refused to air videos of this type which are frequently available on jihadi recruiting websites around the world.

The DNC, however, has retained no such vestiges and has, by including film made by terrorists to influence public opinion, openly allied with the their aims.

The recent report out of Harvard on the ‘emboldenment‘ of terrorists by impressions of American sensitivity to casualties has been roundly ignored by the Anti-American types of the domestic insurgency. We can add Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee to that list. Their public support of jihadi recruitment efforts can only cause additional U.S. casualties. They have chosen sides and theirs is not the side of our soldiers.



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