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Troop Scoop 4/27/2008

Troop Scoop



Posted: 27 Apr 2008 05:42 PM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
Our troops are receiving improved armor vests; working on rehabilitating Iraqi detainees, and reuniting them with their families; caught insurgent cell leader after 3 years of evading capture;  IA Quick Reaction Force having continued great success; and nice to see the IA Air Force in action!

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

April 27, 2008

Iraqi soldiers discover IED-making materials

CAMP STRIKER – A tip led Iraqi Soldiers to a cache of IED-making materials southwest of Yusifiyah, April 24, comprising of 19 RPG-7 rounds, 15 hand grenades, 10 60mm mortar rounds, 5 unidentified 120mm rounds, 4 cases of .50-caliber ammo, a case of machine-gun ammo, 10 handheld radios, 8 switch boxes and multiple trigger components.


MND-B MPs receive improved armor vests


Pfc. Jacob Miller shows off his new body armor after receiving his Improved Outer Tactical Vest April 18 at FOB Rustamiyah. The improved vest is part of the Army’s mission to provide Soldier’s with the most advanced protective gear available while also improving the comfort and mission effectiveness of new equipment to the force.  Miller is a MP Soldier with the 59th MP Co, 95th MP Bn, 18th MP Bde.


Pfc. Jennifer Collins is issued hers.MND-B troops release 19 Iraqi detainees during ceremony

BAGHDAD – Soldiers from the 3rd Sqdrn, 7th Cav Regt, 2nd BCT, 3rd ID, hosted the event that marked the end of detention for Iraqis.
“It shows a great deal of unity among the Iraqi people, Army, police and ourselves, and only together we will be able to reach sustainable security,” said Lt. Col. Jeff Broadwater, sqdrn. cmdr.
The citizens arrived for the ceremony, and after making their entrance, they were greeted by family members friends with hugs, kisses, and candies tossed in the air, which is a celebratory custom in Iraq.
The former detainees placed their hands on the Koran and took an oath to support the Iraqi constitution, and signed a commitment to avoid involvement in any criminal activities. “Since they took the oath in front of their families, neighbors and police, the chances of having them committing a crime are less,” said 1st Lt. Jose Rivera, assist. adjutant with the 3-7 Cav. Regt.
Lt. Col. Broadwater conducted the opening of the ceremony, while the oath and signature of release was officiated by a local Sheik and an Iraqi Police official, which made the ceremony truly a combined event. “The goal of the re-integration is to create a sense of community,” Rivera said.


An Iraqi citizen, and former detainee, kisses a family member.Joanna04

An Iraqi citizen patiently waits with his daughter to be called to sign his official release documents  at COP Apache north of Baghdad.Joanna05

A group of Iraqi citizens and former detainees, place their right hands on top of the Koran.-30-

Iraqi Army soldiers detain three suspects, kill two in separate ops

BAGHDAD –  April 24, IA advised by US SF, in the Jazeera Desert, conducted a cordon and search patrol in order to identify insurgent lines of communication in the area. During the patrol, ground forces saw a truck which appeared to be stuck in the sand. The 2 individuals dismounted the vehicle for a few seconds but quickly moved back to the truck, and shot at the IA soldiers with AK-47 assault rifles.  IA returned fire and both were killed.
In another op in western Ninewa, IA Soldiers conducted a cordon and search patrol to disrupt insurgent safe havens in the area.  Multiple villages suspected of insurgent activity were searched simultaneously, resulting in 3 suspects being detained for questioning. Both of these ops will likely disrupt insurgent safe havens and will show the capabilities of the IA to conduct multi-brigade cordon and searches in the area.


Fallujah SWAT unit detain insurgent cell leader, eight other suspects

BAGHDAD – The Fallujah SWAT unit, advised by U.S. SOF, detained an insurgent cell leader and 8 others in an op northeast of Karma, April 25.
Fallujah SWAT conducted the op to capture the leader of an insurgent cell who has evaded CF for the last 3 years, and to disrupt the activities of his network.  The cell leader is suspected of planning and launching IED attacks against CF in the area and recruiting others to join his terrorist network.  Eight other suspects were detained for further questioning.


Quick Reaction Force 1 continues Basrah success in al-Huteen

BASRA – Quick Reaction Force 1, from the 1st IA Quick Reaction Force began the latest stage of Op Charge of the Knights, April 25.  The last stage of the op is clearing and searching homes in al-Huteen.
Al-Huteen, part of the Five Mile Market neighborhood of Basrah, had been considered a stronghold for criminal elements of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia.  But, when the soldiers of QRF 1 moved into the city, the local citizens actively welcomed and cooperated with them.
“The extremely successful ops earlier this month by the IA in al-Quibla and al-Hyyaniyah showed the people that the army is here to help them by getting rid of criminals and outlaws,” said Capt. Daniel C. Lammers, 1st IA (QRF) MiTT asst. ops officer.
While Marines and Soldiers embedded with the Iraqi units as advisors during the op, the IA took control of the ops themselves from planning to execution.
The searches themselves turned up several weapons caches including mortar rounds, RPGs and launchers, and IEDs as well as several detainees suspected of criminal activity.


Quick Reaction Force 1 discovers cache in Basra

BASRA – While conducting clear and search ops in the al-Huteen neighborhood of Basra, 1st IAQRF discovered a substantial cache in an outdoor prayer area, April 24.
The cache consisted of 8 IEDs, 4 RPG launchers and 24 warheads, 3 PKC machine guns, more than a 1,000 rounds of machine gun ammo, a 120 mm system, various IED making materials, and explosives, along with more than 20 mortar rounds of various sizes.


Iraqi Army Air Force delivers supplies


The IA  Air Force delivers supplies to CF in the Basra region, April 20.  An Iraqi military helicopter drops off 700 pounds of ammunitions, 20 pounds of vehicle repair parts, 150 pounds of medical supplies, and U.S. mail to a camp outside of Basra.


ISF participate in close quarters battle training


An Al Kut SWAT member jumps through a window to clear a house during Close Quarter Battle training in Al Kut.  U.S. SF act as trainers to SWAT forces across Iraq.