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Troop Scoop 4/25/2008

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Posted: 25 Apr 2008 04:10 PM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
There is an encouraging story of a prominent Sheik thanking the American troops and the IA for making Doura safer, and for projects to help for a better life.  Over 40 reconstruction projects are ongoing in Basra, while around the Baghdad area,  insurgents and criminals are being neutralized.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
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April 25, 2008

Coalition forces cordon-and-knock operation in Mosul


Spc. Tracey Collins with the 1st Bn, 8th Inf Regt knocks on the gate to a home during a cordon-and-knock op in Mosul, April 21.


Spc. Martin Cerrillos moves to enter a structure.


Sgt. Eric Lee waits to enter a structure.


Pvt. Terrence Colsen clears the hallway of an apt. building, while Sgt. Eric Lee provides rear security.


Spc. Robert Roadcap moves to a new location.


MNF-W soldiers kill 6 insurgents

CAMP FALLUJAH – MNF-West soldiers engaged insurgents north of Lake Thar Thar, April 23 following the mounted pursuit of 2 suspected enemy vehicles.
During the pursuit, which occurred at approx. 7:40 a.m., soldiers assigned to a MNF-W task force were engaged by insurgents with small-arms fire and grenades.  The brief chase ended as the lead enemy vehicle stopped. The enemy continued their attack as the second vehicle sped away. The soldiers returned fire, killing 6 insurgents and destroying their truck.


MND-B Soldiers kill 3 criminals in separate engagements

BAGHDAD –  At approx. 10:50 p.m., April 23, an AWT observed a criminal emplacing an IED, targeting a CF patrol in northeast Baghdad.  The AWT engaged the criminal with a Hellfire missile, killing him.
At approx. 11:30 p.m., 2 criminals were observed emplacing an IED in northeast Baghdad. After fleeing the scene, an AWT engaged the criminals in a building with 2 Hellfire missiles, killing both.


Prominent sheik meets with Raider cmdr., discusses future of Doura

BAGHDAD – A key figure in the community and a respected local leader for the Iraqi people living in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad, arrived at JSS Doura with a procession of local leaders and family members, April 22.
Sheik Jabouri, a Sunni leader, called for a meeting with Col. Ted Martin, the cmdr. of the 1st BCT, 4th ID, to offer his gratitude for the ongoing efforts by Iraqi SF and MND-B Soldiers to bring stability and progress to the people of the Doura and Abu T’shir beladiyas.
Jabouri spoke directly to the senior leaders gathered in the room and said that the quality of life that the people of al-Doura enjoy today is due to the hard work and the sacrifices made by both the Iraqi and American people. “Thank you for helping with all the Iraqi forces and American forces who have made this area safer,” said Jabouri, in speaking to Martin.
Ongoing projects to repair roads and recent business endeavors, such as the opening of the Al Rashid Commercial Bank in Doura, signify a much needed improvement for the local community, said Jabouri.
“It is always a good indicator of progress and, more important, things to come, when leaders bring issues to the table, look for solutions and act for the common good of their people,” said Martin. “We are committed to assisting the people of Rashid in making this community a better place in which the Iraqi people can carry on their work and build upon their futures.”
Al Jabouri personally thanked Martin, who attended the meeting as the new MND-B representative for CF ops in Rashid.  Jabouri, a figurehead in the predominately Sunni-populated Doura community, who has a reputation for standing up against terrorists and criminals, said he believes security has improved enough in the area to bring families back into the neighborhoods, regardless of their differences.
The leaders concluded the meeting with a meal and hot chai to affirm their newfound relationship and to further discuss the future of Rashid and Baghdad.


IA Forces kill nine criminals, destroy two vehicles in Hussaniyah

BAGHDAD – An IA patrol, accompanied by U.S. SF advisors, defeated elements of an armed criminal group that launched an unprovoked attack on Iraqi and U.S. forces conducting a patrol in Hussaniyah, a city north of Baghdad, April 22.
Approximately 45 minutes into the mission, gunmen attacked the patrol using small arms weapons and RPG launchers. IA and U.S. SF dismounted from their vehicles and returned fire, killing 4 of the gunmen.
Additional criminals continued their attacks, using pre-positioned IEDs, RPGs and small arms weapons to target the Iraqi and U.S. patrol.  Despite the threats, IA forces continued to engage the enemy, killing 5 more fighters and destroying 2 vehicles the gunmen used to launch their attacks.
No Iraqi or U.S. military personnel were injured during the patrol.


Gulf Region South Coast Corps of Engineers surveys reconstruction efforts in northern Basra

BASRA – The GRSC Corps of Engineers, Basra Area Office, is responsible for over 40 reconstruction sites in the city.  Site surveys are an integral part of the reconstruction process to ensure projects are completed on time to support the Iraqi infrastructure within the city.
Keith Adams, a construction representative with the Corps of Engineers, is on a 13 month tour in Basra, managing 15 projects in various parts of the city.  Adams sees his role with the Corps of Engineers as providing assistance to the people of Iraq.  He works with Iraqi construction firms and their project managers at the different sites to ensure the construction crews have the materials they need to do the most they can for the Iraqi people.


Keith Adams takes pictures of reconstruction progress at a water treatment plant in northern Basra, April 23.


The project manager on site explains to Keith Adams, that a pile driver will be used to drive steel beams into the soil to give the water treatment plant being built in Basra, a solid base.


COP Mountain construction in Mosul


Pvt. Justin Stougard and Pvt. Terrence Colsen both assigned to 8th Inf Regt, provide security for engineers involved in the construction of COP Mountain, in the Palestine neighborhood of Mosul, April 21.


An armored All Terrain Lifter from the 94th Eng. Bn, moves to secure a load of raw materials in an around-the-clock effort to construct Combat out post Mountain in the Palestine neighborhood of Mosul, April 21.-30-