Troop Scoop 4/19/2008

Troop Scoop



Posted: 19 Apr 2008 08:10 PM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
The progress and success of the Iraqi Army taking the lead in missions continues.  Reconstruction is going full steam ahead in Basra, as well as clearing ops. It’s nice to read about the Brits working with us.  Despite gun fire, people in Sadr City turn out for medical assessments.  Large caches continue to be uncovered, and criminals killed.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

April 19, 2008

Iraqis continue modernizing Basra

BASRA – Iraqi construction firms have been working on a number of modernization and new construction projects throughout Basra, Iraq over the past several months.
Gulf Region South Corps of Engineers visited several of these,sites April 17 to review plans and materials needed to keep the jobs moving forward.
Engineers from GRS visited 3 sites in various stages of reconstruction located in Basra’s surrounding areas. The sites included a vocational education center, a teaching hospital and the Shatt Al Arab courthouse.


Engineers with the GRS talk with a project manager from an Iraqi construction firm about the reconstruction of a vocational center in Basra.Joanna25

The project manager on the reconstruction of the teaching hospital in Basra, shows Engineers with GRS some of the work his crew has been doing on installing the new sewage system for the hospital, April 17.-30-

IA provides first aid supplies to Sadr City residents

BAGHDAD – IA soldiers conducted a combined medical assessment in the southern portion of the Sadr City district of Baghdad, April 17.
The op was supported by the 3rd BCT, 4th ID, and provided citizens with essential medicines and personal hygiene supplies at JSS Tharwa 1.  Dealing directly with the ISF, the Iraqi people living in Sadr City witnessed the ability of Iraqi Forces to care for them.  More than 400 citizens received medical care in less than 2 hours.
“It really turned out good.  It was successful and turned out better than I thought,” said Capt. Ryan Mendenhall, who serves as the fire support officer.  Mendenhall said he was surprised by how quickly the people reacted and came to the project. “This is just a small step to let the people know that we are not here to destroy a home. There is a lot of work ahead of us, and we will continue doing it; eventually, it will pay off,” Mendenhall said.
For others, the amount of people who attended the assessment was unbelievable, due to the gunfire that could be heard in the distance. “It exceeded my expectations; I didn’t expect anybody to show up because what was going on,” said Sgt. 1st Class Lawrue Bush, who serves as the fire support NCO.  For the ISF and Soldiers, this is not the end for this mission. The Soldiers are expecting the next assessment to be a bigger, and they’re preparing to get more supplies, said Bush.


Sgt. Brian Rich, and Staff Sgt. John Reyes, stand guard.-30-

Operation Charge of the Knights begins phase 3 in Hyyaniyah

BASRA – Op Charge of the Knights, began a new phase of ops, April 19. Phase 3 of the op focuses on the criminal militia strongholds within the Hyyaniyah district area.  IA soldiers are conducting the deliberate clearance op. It began at approx. 6 a.m. when British artillery and US aircraft released ordnance against known criminal rocket and mortar sites west of Hyyaniyah.
British and American Mitt are working alongside IA units to provide leaders with advice, access to surveillance and the ability to “call for fire” and other support, if needed.
“As with the earlier phases of Op Charge of the Knights, this remains an Iraqi led, planned and executed mission,” said Major Tom Holloway, the British Army’s spokesman in southern Iraq.
Op Charge of the Knights began on March 24.


Iraqi Army discovers large IED weapons cache

BASRA – Over the past week, the IA discovered several large caches of explosives and other IED making materials as part of Op Charge of the Knights.
The cache included RPGs, rockets, mortars and mortar tubes, materials for building EFP devices as well as several fully-constructed EFP devices.
The explosives and bomb-making materials were discovered at several locations during these clearing ops and brought to a single location for disposal.


Combined planning for operation Charge of the Knights Phase III

BASRA –  Prior to the start of this new phase centred on the Western district of Basra, senior Coalition officers were invited to review the Iraqi SF’ plans to ensure that the Coalition was prepared to support the op as required.
Major Tom Holloway, the British Army’s Spokesman in Southern Iraq said, “Basra is closer to realising its true potential. Recent ops in the city have been described by locals as the most significant events since 2003. The sense of optimism is palpable, and the desire by Basrawis to seize the moment is evident.”


Iraqi and CF gather around a model of the Al Hayyaniyah district of Basra for planning and rehearsals for ops in the area, April 17.Joanna07

The layout of the model represents the district Iraqi forces will be working to clear of criminal elements.-30-

MND-B AWT crew kills two criminals

BAGHDAD – A MND-Baghdad AWT killed 2 criminals in eastern Baghdad, April 19.
At approximately 3 a.m., the AWT was conducting an aerial surveillance patrol when the crew saw 2 criminals with a mortar tube. The AWT engaged the criminals with one hellfire missile and killed the criminals. The mortar tube was also destroyed.



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