The Anti-RAND Report

Yesterday a huge RAND report, “Invisible Wounds of War“, was released which claims that 20% of our veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan will suffer PTSD or depression. Among other myths this report perpetuates is “With the increasing incidence of suicide and suicide attempts among returning veterans, concern about depression is also on the rise.” Undoubtedly deep in the report they will cite other smears about our troops such as their increased propensity for criminal activity.

Doom and Gloom, the one sure product of the unhinged left is in full production mode today as news outlets around the world will trumpet this supposed scientific analysis as another hidden cost of the War on Terror.

As an avid reader of milbloggers and having talked with returning veterans about their experiences over there and back home, I have a different take on this whole depression subject.

Many of our men and women have served multiple deployments. They have ridden the emotional roller coaster from elation at our swift victory to the agony of losing comrades in a violent insurgency to the hope and joy of seeing a New Iraq rising from the ashes. For most this will be the defining point of their lives. Nothing they had done before and nothing that they are likely to do in the future will ever match their commitment and contribution to a noble and just cause. They have given their all; their youth, their innocence and sometimes their lives.

A milblogger wrote a while ago:

The CENTAF Commander, Lieutenant General North, stopped by last week to chat with us. After walking around and talking to people in our office individually, he hosted an Airman’s call to speak to everyone. Of all the things he said during that Airman’s Call, one item stood out the most. He warned us that when we get back home we’re going to be bored, and maybe disappointed. Not with our families or friends, but with our jobs. He’s 100% right. How can anyone top this in a career? We’re building an Air Force from the bottom up, and we’re doing one hell of a job so far.

and again, quoting from his commander’s email home:

Besides the direct danger of this specific location, the mood of the place seemed to reflect the mood of all the Iraqi people during my first six months: despondent, dark, tired, sad. In May, people weren’t really thinking about the future, they were trying to survive day to day. Where I lived and worked, we often got attacked 3-6 times a day, 5-7 days a week… in June, Iraq appeared to be in trouble. Six months ago, in July, the school held their last graduation. I saw pictures of it yesterday, and almost nobody came even though the Prime Minister was the guest speaker. Yesterday, 30 December, was different.

Yesterday, the guest speaker was “only” a four star general, but the place was packed. the Cadets stood proud, they marched straight, the band planed loud, the crowd… yes, it was a very large crowd, cheered and threw candy. They cheered Iraqi celebratory chants and clapped and danced. When the ceremony finished, the crowd stormed the floor, much like when I graduated from the Air Force Academy. Families stormed the floor, mothers and fathers hugged their child who’d become a man, tears streaming down their cheeks. Yesterday, I saw a proud people!

You have no idea how proud I felt. We are making a difference!

That in a nutshell describes the troops feelings. They ARE making a difference. They can see the evidence all around them in Iraq. Michael Yon, in his new book “Moment of Truth in Iraq“, hits the same message in the last two pages

We can win this war. And if we do it will be a victory of the same magnitude as the fall of the Soviet Union. It will not be a victory for the Republican Party. It will not be a victory for America and Great Britain and others “against” Iraq. It will be a victory for freedom and justice. It will be a victory for Iraqis and for the world, and only then will it be a victory for us.

This book covered a time in which our men and women in Iraq changed the course of history. They did it against the odds, contrary to all expectations. The American combat soldier is responsible for this historic achievement. There are those who fought. And there are those who didn’t. Our soldiers often said, “The military is at war, America is at the mall.” It has been our soldiers’ choice, but they saw it as their duty.

They have been fighting for two nations, one of which didn’t seem to notice. The Iraqis noticed.

So, when we want to go looking for the “root causes” of depression among our returning troops lets take a closer look at those who have contributed the most to it. Look at the “Pinch” Sulzbergers, the Nancy Pelosis, the Harry Reids, the Jack Murthas, the entire media ‘elite’ establishment who were so invested in defeat that they wittingly or unwittingly aided and abetted the terrorists attempting to prevent our troops from achieving this victory.

Our troops know what they have sacrificed for our future, they also know the scope of their achievements. They know that they have made a difference. But the willful silence of the media and the carping defeatism of the domestic insurgency seeks to rob them of any acknowledgment of their success.

Hey, RAND, you want to help fix depression among veterans? Examine the people on the home front who have been working to instill it in them!

Dan Maloney


  1. rochester_veteran


    The lefty MSM was all over the Rand report yesterday and today. You nailed my feelings and the reality of what out our brave men and women in the military want to accomplish and that is VICTORY!

    I linked this article off of

  2. 15thMS

    This article was the ‘featured article’ in my local main stream newspaper here yesterday . As I read it I found myself wondering : IF the findings and premise
    of the study are accurate , what role does the constatn barrage of MSM Bush hatred and evry other form of dissing the just war in which they fight play?
    The constant media advancement of both Democratic and sadly, sometimes republican members of Congress trashing the War and the righteousness of the war effort , as well as the media coverage of all the disent and seditious behavior around the country ?
    Why doesn’t the study just come out and rightfully state : Anti Military elements within the United States have succeeded in drastically impacting military morale ?
    Were this study accurate , one would imagine many soldiers coming back and taking matters into their own hands and ‘correcting’ affairs with certain elements in society. But they are not…. Personally , I would not mind a bit if they did…

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