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At a time of war, when divisive and some would say treasonous elements in our society are pushing for surrender, defeat or cut and run. When those elites look with disdain upon the sacrifices and victories our troops have bought and paid for with their blood and lives. When the country appears poised to snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory. That is the time when heroes and patriots stand fast and push against the flood of naysayers and doom merchants. That is the time when those who have heard our nations call in the past step up and answer its call once again. Not for personal gain or aggrandizement, but from a sense of duty to us all. This is that time, these are those men.

Patriotic men of action who have seen the ebb and flow of the battlefield, who know the high price we have paid and the value of the victory we seek. Men who are willing to do battle in the halls of Congress to ensure that our troops and our communities are supported in what they need for victory and prosperity in the future.

To secure that future please click through the links and contribute what you can for success in their campaigns. They have already sacrificed for us, now it is time for us to sacrifice for them, they cannot win this on their own!

The New York State Gold Star Mothers are holding their annual convention in Albany on April 17, 18 and 19th, at the Hilton Garden Inn at New Scotland and Holland Avenues across from the Albany Medical Center.


Dress Code: Black Dress Slacks, White Dress Shirts, Black Ties for Men, Rolling Thunder Vest

Thursday .. Memorial Service 7pm

Friday .. Opening Day Services 9am

Saturday Evening .. Dinner ..

For further information contact:

Suzi Granger, President

Rolling Thunder NY 5