Outside the Wire – Video Documentary

Nothing staged, recreated or rehearsed. The bullets, bombs, blood and bad guys are all real. Forget the anti-American and anti-military tripe being produced by Hollywood, this is the real deal.

A compendium of three documentaries on two discs, all videoed in 2007 by JD Johannes.

Danger Close – up-close, in-depth look at a complex attack by Al Qaida on a small, distant U.S. Army outpost on the edge of the Euphrates River valley.

Anbar Awakens – shows the greatest turn around of the Iraq War, the tribes of Al Anbar province joining with the coalition to fight Al Qaida, from the perspective of the Jumayli tribe. The Jumayli tribe, with no prompting from the coalition, turned on the terrorists and engaged in a serious gun battle with Al Qaida before formally joining with the coalition.

Baghdad Surge – a look at the effects of the surge at street level. This episode follows a U.S. Army infantry Captain through ‘a day of the surge’ and the modern three-block-war.

For more information, to view the video trailer and to order go here.

A very positive review in two parts is here and here.

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