Moment of Truth in Iraq

Easily the most important book on the War in Iraq available today. Michael Yon, former green beret and independent journalist has been embedded with US forces there longer than anyone else and has documented the good, the bad, the defeats and the victories the war has taken over its course. He presents a compelling argument that the ‘surge’ our counter insurgency operation is working and that the Iraqi Army and Police are much improved and more effective than at any point in their history.

To view the website go here.

To order from Amazon go here from Barnes and Noble go here.

Reviews of this book are here and here. A review by Austin Bay is here.

Now Michael Totten, another respected journalist in Iraq, weighs in with a review here.

And here’s audio of Mike’s appearance on Mark Levin’s show.

(hat tip: Mudville Gazette)

And the unit that Mike Yon embedded with in Mosul in 2004 has a music video out set to scenes from their deployment including some Mike Yon pictures. See it here.

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