Troop Scoop 4/13/2008

Troop Scoop



Posted: 13 Apr 2008 08:54 PM CDT

Dear Interested Readers,
We have some great pictures of our Inf. Soldiers keeping Mosul secure.  It’s encouraging seeing the Port of UMM Qasr busy receiving and shipping supplies all over Iraq.  There are other stories of huge weapon caches uncovered, and many terrorists captured or killed.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

April 13, 2008

Infantry Soldiers keep Mosul secure


Sgt. Cameron Duffy, an Inf. Soldier with 1st Bn, 8th Inf Regt from Fort Carson, Colo., pulls security in front of a market, April 12.


Sgt. Ian McPherson provides security on a combat patrol.Joanna03

Cpl. Marcus Owens provides security. Soldiers maintain 360 degree security at all times, ensuring they can react to any given situation.Joanna05

Soldiers provide security while their platoon leader talks with local market vendors.Joanna06

Spc. Jeff During provides security on a combat patrol, as he moves through the streets of Mosul.Joanna08

Pvt. Cameron Pedersen sprints across the street.Joanna09

As Iraqi children peek out their front gate Spc. Vencent Hashimoto provides security.


Fourth cache discovered within 10 days in Kirkuk

KIRKUK – Iraqi Soldiers discovered a weapons cache, April 12. This is the fourth large cache found in this area within 10 days and the largest of the four with over 600 munitions of varying sizes, including approx. 20 projectiles, more than 600 mortar rounds and dozens of rockets as well as several grenades.
The location of this cache and the 3 others found earlier, indicate that they were likely used to stockpile munitions for distribution to smaller cache sites closer to routes frequently traveled by CF.


Port of UMM Qasr stays busy

Commodities are offloaded from ships at the UMM Qasr Port, from all over the world to be distributed throughout Iraq, April 11. These goods will be transported to different provinces throughout the country.  The Port of Um Qasr, is a small port city southeast of Basra.


IA, MND-C Soldiers disrupt IED cell, detain suspects

BAGHDAD – A joint air assault and search op netted 7 detainees and the subsequent disruption of an IED cell in the Saedat tribal area, April 9.
Iraqi Soldiers detained 4 men with suspected ties to AQI while Soldiers with Batt A, 3rd Bn, 320th FA, 3rd BCT, 101st Abn Div (Air Assault) detained 3 individuals connected with the IED cell.


MND-C Soldiers aid residents, remove weapons cache

By Spc. Ben Hutto, 3rd HBCT, 3rd ID

BAGHDAD – The SoI in Nine Nissan, a village east of Baghdad, led Soldiers in Batt A, 1st Bn, 10th FA, to a weapons cache buried at a remote location near FOB Hammer, April 10.  The cache contained 18 rockets, 14 mortars, 10 105 mm shells, 10 103 mm shells and 2 tank rounds.
The SoI in Sabbah Nissan have found and led the 3rd HBCT to multiple caches since their group formed 2 months ago.  Earlier that day, MND-C Soldiers from Batt A and local Iraqi leaders conducted a humanitarian mission to deliver food, medicine, water and supplies to the people of Najidat, southeast of Baghdad.


Local cooperation brings in multiple suspects

BAGHDAD –  Soldiers from 3rd Sqdrn, 1st Cav Regt, conducted a clearing op with IP in Jisr Diyala, southeast of Baghdad, April 11.
The op resulted in the detaining of 8 suspects, including a key individual connected to IED attacks, sectarian violence, indirect fire attacks and weapons smuggling in the Mada’in Qada.
The combined force cleared 35 houses and confiscated several weapons and ammo drums. “It was a very good combined op,” said Capt. Brian Gilbert, cmdr. of Co D, 1st Bn, 15th Inf Regt, currently attached to 3-1st Cav. Regt. “There was excellent communication between our air support and our troops on the ground. We were able to track down people who were trying to run. Our cordon was very effective. Everything went perfectly.”
“The people of Jisr Diyala have sent a loud and clear message to the combatants there: ‘We no longer support you. We only support progress,'” said Capt. DaMond Davis, the fire support officer for 3-1st Cav. Regt.  “The numerous tips that we received validate that the people of this area are fed up with violence.”
Gilbert said the NP brigade has made tremendous strides.  “Our cooperation is a perfect example of the relationship the surge created between Iraqi SF and CF,” Gilbert said. “This police brigade is a perfect example of what right looks like and should be used as a model. These guys definitely do the right things when no one is looking … I will fight with them every day. They performed well during this op.”


5 AQI killed, 2 wounded at terrorist camp during joint air assault in western desert of Salah ad Din Province

TIKRIT –  In the western desert of the Salah ad Din Province, April 12, MND-N Soldiers and Iraqi forces came under enemy fire as they approached the camp and were able to seize multiple items linked to AQI and their network.
During the informant-based raid on the complex, an individual was detained. In an effort to deny MND-N Soldiers his identity, one AQI member detonated a suicide vest, killing himself.
IP and MND-N Soldiers found hand grenades, mortar rounds, detonation cord, propellant, 60 mm rockets, blasting caps and a suicide vest at the site.
“Today’s op was a perfect example of the progress the Iraqi SF have made in Salah Ah Din Province,” said Capt. John Gabriel, 1st Special Troops Bn, 1st BCT
ops officer. “The Iraqi police developed their own intel and plan; we only assisted their air travel and some coordination of movements. They performed in a superb manner resulting in the 5 enemy KIA.”


Soldiers from the 56th MP Co comb the Western Desert in the Salah ad Din Province during Op Marauder Harvest, April 12.Joanna14

Soldiers from 56th MP Co provide security for other MND-North and Iraqi forces.Joanna15

Four UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters fly over from the 1st BCT, 101st Abn Div (Air Assault) in route to their pickup zone.-30-


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