Fighting the Last War, Winning Now

Michael Yon has an out standing Opinion article in the Wall Street Journal today which deserves careful reading. Particularly by those who would urge us to cut and run from the war on terrorism in Iraq. Michael also has a new book out now “Moment of Truth in Iraq” which is excellent reading. Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, suggests that folks buy two copies. One for themselves and one to send to their congress critter. I agree.

In the same vein, the New York Times, not noted for printing positive reviews of our war effort, prints an article this morning on “Violence leaves young Iraqis doubting clerics“.

The common thread of both articles is a fundamental sea change in Iraqi perceptions. Most Iraqis have always seen our overthrow of the murderous Saddam Hussein regime as a good thing, but there have been those both from inside and outside the country agitating the people against the American ‘occupiers’.

The Michael Yon book describes the increasing hatred of Iraqis toward Al-Qaeda and other Islamofascist terrorist intruders into their country. The NY Times article describes the increasing disillusionment with the clerics who espouse violence and sharia law from within the country. Both illustrate the undeniable fact that our persistence and resolve are winning the Iraqis to our side and sowing the seeds of democracy in a region where it is virtually unknown.

Getting back to Michael Yon’s editorial, he makes the case that those who demand that we reduce our presence in Iraq are fighting yesterday’s war. They are not taking into account the remarkable progress and change that is taking place on the ground in Iraq. They would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


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