Big Labor Supports the Insurgency

George Meany and all the past presidents of the AFL-CIO would be rolling over in their graves if they saw the extent to which the labor movement has lent support to groups trying to undermine the confidence of Americans in our government and our military.

This past weekend is a prime example. The Labor College, founded by the AFL-CIO, hosted the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Winter Soldiers II fiasco. This event, modeled after the Vietnam era disgrace run by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) sought to condemn our military for war crimes, atrocities and violations of the Geneva Conventions. In 1971 the AFL-CIO wouldn’t have allowed that lying pack of traitors anywhere near a campus they ran.

Now the AFL-CIO dishonors the memory of George Meany by allowing the next generation of traitors to use the hall bearing his name to defame, slander and dishonor our American troops, encourages the enemies of the United States to kill American soldiers by promoting anti-war rhetoric and publicity, and allows communists committed to the overthrow of our republic to run unions in their organization.

With this in mind, members of the Gathering of Eagles of New York returned to the Labor College on the afternoon of Saturday, March 15th, and, while staging a troop support rally on the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and Gunpowder Mill Road, staged a symbolic union card burning to demonstrate our disgust with the current leaders of the labor movement in the United States.

Pictures of the event are here.

Videos include:

It is long past time for union members in this country to decide whether they are Americans or merely pawns to be used by the fat labor bosses to continue to undermine our republic. We choose America!

Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles


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