Emergency Action Alert – Washington DC March 14-15

Gathering of Eagles

Fighting the Insurgency at Home

Action Alert

Who: Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up!, Rolling Thunder, and more!
What: Eagles Muster to denounce Winter Soldier II
Where: Washington, DC and Silver Springs, MD
When: Friday and Saturday, March 14 and 15

Have you had it with the left wing organizations demeaning and slandering our troops at every opportunity? Has the escalation in attacks against our recruiters across the nation, which progressed to the bombing of the Recruiter Station in Times Square last week, alerted you to the fact that we are fighting a REAL INSURGENCY in this country?

In NY City this weekend we held a rally in support of our troops and our recruiters in Times Square. You can read my after action report here:


This morning I discover the cretins from Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), who are running their program to slander and defame this generation of American Warriors in the same fashion as their guiding lights from the old VVAW did to our Vietnam Veterans, noticed our display of patriotism in Times Square.

Their response:

You are going to eat it if unless you cease and desist from your planned “events”.

Their earlier comment on the bombing of the Times Square Recruiter Station was:

Fuck recruiters.

I don’t know about you, but it gets my Irish up when someone can, in effect, condone and endorse domestic terrorism against our troops and then threaten more against anyone who supports the troops.

Up until now I have wanted to protest their planned defamation of our warriors at the Labor College in Silver Springs, Maryland, but work requirements were going to restrict my travel only to the Saturday Rally and March in DC. Now, wild horses couldn’t keep me away on Friday.

  • I condemn in the strongest language the willful terrorist enabling of the AFL-CIO for allowing this group to use the Labor College for their planned seditious blackballing of our American Troops.
  • I strongly recommend that anyone with a union card and patriotism join us in a mass burning of union cards outside the university gates on Friday to demonstrate to the fat labor bosses what we think of their collaboration.
  • I demand that any media organization planning to cover the IVAW lie fest explicitly include in their reports the above IVAW quotes to demonstrate IVAWs true level of support for our troops.
  • I demand that any media organization who runs anything on the IVAW propaganda campaign specifically use the DUPES process outlined here: http://tinyurl.com/2lmmqq to perform their due diligence on anything the IVAW may claim.

The agenda for Friday, March 14th is:

Truth Challenge against IVAW Winter Soldier II
National Labor College
10000 New Hampshire Avenue
New Hampshire Ave and Powder Mill Road
Silver Spring, Maryland 20903
Map Link:
Starting 8am, All Day

The agenda for Friday Night, March 14th is:

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave.
Georgia Ave and Elder Street
Washington DC 20307

Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/257qwf
From 7pm until the Troop Bus returns from dinner

The agenda for Saturday, March 15th is:

Eagles Muster and March
Washington Monument
15th St NW south of Constitution Ave
Map Link:
From 10am. March at 1pm to Capital

Bring your flags, signs, banners, whistles, cowbells, megaphones and anything else you think will be required to get our message across. Never again will one generation of warriors abandon another!

Never Again!

Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

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