The Left at War

Fighting the Insurgency at Home

IED used against Recruiting Station in Times SquareThis morning in an escalation of their war on the United States Military and its supporters, the radical left resorted to another act of terrorism. The Military Recruiting Station at Times Square in New York was attacked with an IED.


This is the same location where the Gathering of Eagles has stood many times in the past year to prevent the anarchists from reaching the doors.

Already the news reports are playing this down as a ‘small’ explosion. That is nothing new. Whenever an act of violence is committed by the left it is handled the same way. If it can be ignored then ignore it. If it cannot be ignored then minimize it.

Video Link

Updated: Surveillance Video


Our own pictures are here.

Our Videos are here:

Thank you, Pamela, for getting these on short notice!

From the photographs and video it is obvious that this was not the work of kids playing with firecrackers. The safety glass windows are shattered. The steel door is sprung from its hinges and warped.  It would not surprise me if the side windows were broken but not visible from outside the structure.  It takes a lot of overpressure to bend a door like that.

The large video screen above the entrance is damaged. Witnesses on the 21st floor report feeling the building shake at the Marriott Hotel two blocks away.The left has been increasing the violence in the past year and almost none of it gets reported in the mainstream press. Our GOE members have been threatened and assaulted for daring to stand up for our troops and nation in opposition to their demonstrations.

They have assaulted our servicemen by barricading recruiting stations and preventing access in violation of federal law.

Last July 4th a serviceman was shot in the heart outside his off-base house near McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey.The local police shrug off the incidents of their violence unless we press them to do something, and the media ignore or minimize their outrageous behavior.Now it comes to this. If you ignore the small outrages the outrages will grow.

In the 1970s the anarchists were responsible for several deaths in New York. Justice was finally served when their bomb making factory in Greenwich Village exploded.It is time to wake up, America, and see the domestic enemy for what it is, a terrorist enabling amalgamation of liberal fascists, and their allies in the media, attempting to foist their alternate view of reality down your throats by any means at hand. We can either stand up to them now or submit to them later. There is no other choice, you cannot negotiate with terrorists.


  1. bevperl

    This is despicaqble and every American should speak out against this behavior. Put pressure on your Congressman to speak out against these dangerous acts. As I shared with the DC Police after the SDS “trashed” the recruiting office there on Feb 15th, the SDS in the 60’s bombed and killed people!! These people are dangerous and someone is going to get hurt! Whoever did this should be made an example of! One of these Soldiers is going to get hurt!! As the Founder of The Band of Mothers, whose Son is on his 4th deployment, I urge all Americans to visit a recruiting station today and thank these Fine Noble and Brave Soldiers for thieir service and let them know “we’ve got their backs!” Get out of your living rooms and speak out in outrage over this. Thank You and Thank You to Mayor Bloomberg for letting the world know that NY stands by it’s Soldiers and are grateful for thier service!

    Beverly Perlson
    The Band of Mothers

  2. We should be after these lunatics as much as any outside the US. Find them and bring them to justice. Make it swift and harsh. No if ands or ACLU’s

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