Guest Editorial 2 Get Involved!

Get Involved

“Ladies and gentlemen, IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War) is working hard to revive the Winter Soldiers from the Vietnam era. The Vietnam Veterans Against War have started a new movement and recruited disaffected and sad excuses for veterans (I say that as a result of the number of “veterans” the organization claims that have been outed as fakes) to relive the glory days of spitting on the image of the honorable Soldier.”


The other thing you can do requires you to get off your duff and stop reading this blog!! When the anti-war in this country decide to organize against a recruiting station or march on the capital, BE THERE!! Show them that their voice is not the only one in the land. Even if you are the only one there, BE THERE!! Counter the idiots. Bring your friends. Bring your co-workers. And if the media in your town ignores your side of the story, write to the station manager!!

If you don’t know what’s going on your area because you’re like most pro-troop people and you have a job, I highly encourage you to join the Gathering of Eagles. The motto of GOE is “Never Again”. It’s on their flag. It’s in their blood. The Vietnam veterans in this country don’t want a repeat of how they were treated when they returned. They want to put an end to the whitewash the media has bestowed on troop supporters’ activities. You can read about my experience with the first ever Gathering of Eagles here, here, here, and here (preferably in that order).

You don’t have to be at EVERY rally. You just have to do what you can. Just remember though, that it’s always easier just to sleep in. It takes a real Patriot to make an effort to do something if possible. If you’re unable to stand around and wave flags, posters or banners due to health or other issue, support them with money or by helping spread the word.

The anti-military left is persistent and we need to match that with all the zeal we can muster! Copy this post and email it to all your friends. Print it out and hand it out to coworkers. Spread the word that you care deeply about national security and the military commissioned to ensure it. The GOE has chapters in virtually every state. Contact them and find out how you can help.”

Thank you, CJ, from the milblog “A Soldier’s Perspective“!!

You can read the whole post here.

To join up in New York email:

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