Moonbat Retreat

Huge Victories

Face GOE Again? No Way, Say the Anti-America Crowd


Do you ever think that we’re spinning our wheels in fighting the America-hating moonbats? Well, consider this:

A.N.S.W.E.R.,, and their affiliated purveyors of political puke have canceled their planned March 15th event! They are increasingly intimidated by the prospect of us and our allies confronting them in the streets wherever that might be, in Hometown, USA, or Washington, DC.

Accordingly, we will not have the “Americans Standing Up” rally in DC on the weekend of March 15th, as there will be no opposition to confront, and you KNOW we love to intimidate those misguided souls and their anti-American leaders like Cindy Sheehan and George Soros!

In a nutshell, WE ARE WINNING THE BATTLE! And we will win the war for the soul of America!

Having achieved victory through our determination to confront the moonbats on their own terms and on terrain of their choosing, we are adopting a different approach for our next event. Having heard that the moonbats are planning to protest the Iraq War during General Petraeus’ April testimony on Capitol Hill, we are challenging THEM to meet US in DC!

If they accept our challenge, we will simply have a repeat performance of March 17, 2007, and most of you remember what happened on that date! That Gathering of Eagles (GOE I) was a watershed event in the history of American street politics in that we patriots have taken back the streets!

Make no mistake—the Left literally HATES us, and they will do what they can to thwart what we’re doing to support our military men and women and our veterans. However, their options are increasingly minimized in view of the fact that Eagles and other Americans are no longer intimidated by loud leftist voices and outrageous signs and banners.

Keep tuned, Eagles! They’ve only BEGUN to deal with people who understand what America’s all about…

Larry Bailey

  1. flapjack

    Hi! New user here. great ideas. However, you occasionally let it slip about the “souls” of Americans and such. Only Christ ourLord may make that judgement.
    I’m sure that you just got excited.
    Keep up the good work!

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