AAR Rockville Centre Diocese – 01/04/07

Quiet Victories

Wednesday morning, while doing my opposition research, I came across a letter posted on a local Pax Christi website here on Long Island. Pax Christi is a supposedly Catholic organization which includes several Catholic clergy among its leaders and members. They are an ally of Code Pink and United for Peace and Justice. They first came up on my radar screen last May when they organized a protest at the Memorial Day Airshow at Jones Beach. At this protest Code Pink brought a ribbon chain with the names of all the servicemen and women who had been killed in Iraq. They paraded this chain along the boardwalk along with their ‘peace’ flags and protest banners.

See photos here.

I was not amused.

In the letter Pax Christi had bragged that they had been granted permission by the pastor of St. Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Centre (the seat of the Rockville Centre Diocese which covers all of Long Island) to pass out leaflets after every mass on Sunday, January 13th. They assumed this was going to lead to further ‘collaboration’ with the diocese.

This was not something I was going to let go unopposed. I immediately called the Rockville Centre Police Department to find out what permits would be required to stage a ‘Troop Support Rally’ outside the cathedral and what the rules of engagement are for sound systems, etc… After lining up my ducks in a row, I stopped by the parish rectory and dropped off one of my business cards and then went home and wrote a long email to the pastor enumerating my objections to Pax Christi’s presence.

I began preparations to post an Action Alert to all our members on Long Island and New York City, prepare signs and banners, and all the sundry other little details that need to be worked out for an event that would likely last six to seven hours in the cold.

Today I got a call from the pastor. He rescinded Pax Christi’s permission to leaflet based upon my email. We had a long discussion in which I educated him about the who, what and why of the anti-war movement and pointed out additional despicable information about Pax Christi which I had not included in my earlier email.

Things such as their lesson plan for teachers to deceive children into equating the US military with Nazis. Warning PDF file.

We won a quiet victory today without having to call out our own troops. It is a thing of beauty when you can turn the oppositions’ own words and behavior against them as a weapon.

Dan Maloney


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