Action Alert – Washington, March 15th

Gathering of Eagles Fighting the Insurgency at Home

Stop the Treason!
Stop the Lies!
Stop the Slander!
Stop the Betrayal!

Stand Up for Our Troops and their mission!

Who: Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up!, Move America Forward,
Free Republic, Freedom Watch, Rolling Thunder and many more
What: Americans Standing Up – Support the Troops Rally and
Face Down of IVAW and the mongrel horde of America hating,
troop hating subversive groups.

This is the Big One!

It’s been a year since we planted our boots firmly on the frost covered ground in Washington and said “Never Again” to the traitors who wish to see the morale of our troops destroyed. Since then we have encountered these domestic insurgents on the streets of America countless times and upheld the honor of the troops. Our strategy of continuous opposition to treason, lies, slander and betrayal, in conjunction with our troops’ spectacular successes on the battlefield, has helped move public opinion to a more favorable image of our fighting men and women. We have offset the continuous negative propaganda of the mainstream media.

Our successes have driven the insurgents to desperation. Their ranks are divided, their cacaphony of internal dissent is broadcast for all to see. Each group is vying for control of the whole anti-war movement. They are on the ropes and they know it. Unfortunately, they still have a huge war chest furnished by the likes of George Soros and others. They still have the support of radical campus faculty and activists who are reliving their treason of the 1960’s. They still have a huge supply of gullible students whose malleable minds have been filled with their treacherous mental poison for years.

A cornered rat is at its most dangerous and these rats are no exception. They plan a ‘Tet’ offensive against America for March 15th, a reenactment of the ‘Winter Soldier’ media circus that gave John Kerry his opportunity to lie his way into the national spotlight. Once again the insurgents will march a group of whining malingerers, malcontents and outright fakes before television cameras to slander our honorable troops serving admirably in a war zone.

They obviously have not paid attention to our motto “Never Again“.

It is time for us, the true inheritors of the legacy of the Winter Soldiers of Revolutionary War legend to march once more to the streets and monuments of Washington to defend our nation and our troops. If not us, who? If not now, when?

You must decide whether America will survive as a beacon of hope for all the world, or an empty shell bereft of morality and direction. For me the choice is clear. I will be there on the streets of Washington come hell, fire, ice or brimstone!

Dan Maloney
New York State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles


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