Christmas Cards for the Troops!

* Honoring Heroes at the Holidays *

New York City

 Sunday, December 16th, 1 pm

Liberty Park, Liberty St and Trinity Pl

Join MOVE AMERICA FORWARD and GATHERING OF EAGLES in Supporting Our Troops by delivering over 100,000 Christmas, Holiday and Hanukkah Cards to the men and women of the U.S. Military who will be thousands of miles away from their homes and families this holiday season!

Get your children, churches, temples and schools to participate!  Bring the completed cards and your family to the rally on December 16th in New York City or mail them in batches to our collection location!

Instructions for preparing Cards:

  1.  Write an appropriate supportive holiday message to a soldier in the card.
  2. Do NOT seal the envelope for security reasons.
  3. Hand drawn cards can be folded without an envelope.
  4. Address the card as follows depending on the card inside
    • Christmas Card for Our Troops
    • Holiday Card for Our Troops
    • Hanukkah Card for Our Troops

    Place the individual cards into a larger envelope or box and bring them to the December 16th rally or Address and mail it to:

Honoring Heroes at the Holidays c/o
The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’ and Airman’s Club
283 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016

The MOVE AMERICA FORWARD caravan has already departed California and is winding its way across America, town by town, collecting cards from young and old, to deliver to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  You can follow the daily progress of the caravan here!

New York City is the last stop before Baghdad, Iraq!  Lets give them a wonderful New York City Welcome and show them We Love and Support the Troops!

Dan Maloney, New York State Coordinator, Gathering of Eagles


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