How Many Americans Will They Kill?

Brian DePalma and Mark Cuban are Traitors!

Do you think they care how many American soldiers and civilians or how many innocent people around the world they will kill by putting out this incendiary enemy propaganda film?

Redacted is yet the latest example of unhinged left wing radicals attempting to throw America’s military under the bus for their own ego and political gain. This movie is likely to be shunned by American audiences just as every anti-American movie recently released has been, but this movie is fundamentally different. This movie will incite the Islamofascist radicals and their willing adherents to greater efforts to harm Americans and our allies wherever they have the opportunity. Making these types of allegations against Americans is straight from the Al Qaeda training manual, DePalma and Mark Cuban seem to have learned their lesson well. Some innocents will say this is all about greed, that they just wanted to make a quick buck off of sensationalist drivel, those people are fooling themselves. They did this to hurt the United States and its military in the worst way they could. They did it because they hate America and the fact that we are trying to spread democracy widely in a region of the world that has never experienced it before.

The situation on the ground in Iraq has improved to such a degree that the enemy was desperate for something to stir up the Islamofascist masses. So DePalma and Cuban obliged them by putting together a schlock propaganda film that tars our military as rapists and murderers. How demoralizing do you think that will be to our troops? More importantly, how do you think it will be used by the islamofascist nihilists? I can see the radical imams using it now as proof that the great satan is killing and raping muslims everywhere. I can see those deluded masses rioting in the streets in muslim cities. I can see the carnage that will result. In past wars our government wouldn’t permit this treason to take place. Now we are bound by the straitjacket of political correctness. The constitution of the United States is not a suicide pact. Shouting fire in a crowded movie theater is not a legal example of free speech. Shouting Rape and Murder to incite muslim populations against your own country and its allies should not be either.

Brian DePalma and Mark Cuban are enemy combatants. They will cause more damage and loss of life throughout the world than any Al Qaeda thug possibly could. And They will do it by hiding their traitorous actions behind the veil of free speech. Make no mistake, Brian DePalma and Mark Cuban are the enemy.

Across the nation people will be establishing boycotts outside movie theaters showing their film. Starting this Friday it opens in New York City at the Sunshine Cinema, 143 East Houston Street and the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, 1886 Broadway at 62nd Street. Join other patriots at the Lincoln Plaza site in protesting the release and airing of enemy propaganda in America. Call the movie theater and register your complaints.

Write your local newspapers, call in to radio talk shows, spread the word:

Brian DePalma and Mark Cuban are Traitors!

Redacted is an Enemy Propaganda Tool!

Dan Maloney, New York State Coordinator, Gathering of Eagles

More Info and Links:

Gathering of Eagles

Boycott Redacted

Sunshine Theater

Lincoln Cinemas

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