Veterans Day 2007

About 18,000 marchers are estimated to have participated in this year’s Veteran’s Day Parade in New York City!  A far cry from the 1980’s when turnout was so low that they didn’t need a permit!  Many thanks are due to Vince McGowan of the United War Veteran’s Council of New York County who helped turn the situation around after the American Legion had voted to stop holding the parade in New York City.

The Urban Infidel photoblogged the parade and wrote up this Outstanding report.

Her photo sets are here, here and here.

Our second intrepid photographer, Pamela, has many more excellent photos at this link and some short movie clips.

Of course, being New York, you have to expect some cowardly functionaries at the Parade Committee would allow a few Anti-American jackasses to participate and demean the sacrifice of all our other veterans.  Hey!  Permit people!  These bozos get to march in all the Communist events in our great city, why give them yet another chance to spew their bile?

A very few pictures of the traitors are here.

And some thankfully short clips of their protest march follow:

It was an insult to our veterans that these people were allowed to march at all.

God Bless the U.S. Military and all of its fine men and women!

Dan Maloney


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