North Country Debate Report

The North Country Patriots took on the North Country Peace Group in a lively and spirited debate last night in Setauket. Jim, Graham and Matt laid out a concise and factual argument for our initial decision to invade Iraq and for continuing our operations there until we achieve Victory. The Moonbats, on the other hand, continued to spout the standard lies, deceptive propaganda, obfuscations and distortions that we have all heard so many times before. One of their debaters was even a 911 troother which got some groans from our side.

The debate format was interrupted at the outset when one of our VFW supporters pointed out that we had not said the Pledge of Allegiance. The moderator apologized and most, but not all, of the audience stood to correct that. Frankly, the audience of about 150 were mostly on the moonbat side, one lady was even wearing her Code Pink jacket when she arrived.

The moderators attempted to request that the VFW members who attended remove their hats, but were quickly disabused of that notion.

A lively question and answer session followed the presentations, but like the presentations themselves, our side could quote facts and figures, recite quotes from actual people, etc…, while theirs avoided questions and talked about ‘feelings’, ‘all about oil’, ‘investigate 911’, etc…

A truly disgusting question, by a man purporting to be a veteran, was directed toward Matt, the high school student, which started off attacking him for being glib in his reference to the low casualties in Iraq and then asking if he was planning to join the military. Matt handled it well and Graham backed him up saying they were trying to put the casualty rate into historical perspective.

Several questions were asked of the ‘Peace Group’ that they just ignored by rambling on about unrelated matters. A particularly good one was asked by a gentleman who personally knew one of the UN WMD Inspectors who had cataloged the existence of chemical and nerve agents in Iraq before the war. The ‘peacers’ could only say that there was nothing there after the war.

I have to say that the Patriots certainly won the debate hands down, but were unlikely to have swayed the opinions of any of the moonbats in the audience.

A few pictures from the debate are here.

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