Kennebunkport Maine, Return of the She-Hag!

Ok, Northeast Eagles, Kennebunkport, Maine, is the next big one on our schedule.

Let’s make sure that Cindy Sheehan returns from her Traitor Tour of the Mideast to a cacaphony of Cow Bells, Duck Calls, Bronx Cheers and Airhorns!  Get the word out to all of our allies and friends!

Who: Cindy Sheehan and an asylum’s worth of northeast moonbats

What: “Stop the War. Start a Revolution” Rally and March

Where: Kennebunkport, Maine

When: August 25th. You want to be there by 9:00 am before the traffic becomes snarled.

GOE Coordinator: Byron Grant, Maine State Coordinator (neverforget7(at)

Byron did a fabulous job of coordinating our July event with local police, the Secret Service and local townsfolk.  This time lets get hundreds out there to support our Maine Eagles and keep the pressure on the opposition!

The moonbats turn out in large numbers for this one. It is a good training ground for Washington in September. Lets get our poster and banner ideas out there and see what works best to rattle their cages!

They want to start a Revolution? Let’s show them the revolution that results when red blooded Americans stand up for their troops and their country!

Eagles Up!


Pictures of our July 1, encounter are here:

Pictures of Eagles:

Pictures of the moonbat rabble:

Pictures of the town, march and Eagles:
Video Clips:

More Video:

A few more great pics in this posting:


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